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Our Facilities

Baby Room – Our Baby Room reflects a ‘home from home’ environment, providing a gentle transition from home to Nursery life. The Baby Room Team provides lots of stimulating, tactile activities to encourage development, and lots of cuddles as well.

Toddler Room – The Toddler Room focuses on developing a range of life, social and self help skills. Our approach is to have resources accessible to children at all times, empowering them to make choices and facilitating child-led learning through play. Activities such as shared mealtimes will support children to become more independent; and circle time will introduce children to a more structured day in preparation for the learning that lies ahead.

Pre-School Room – In the Pre-School Room we structure activities to emphasise the EYFS [Early Years Foundation Service] for the development of pre-school children. Knowledge is enhanced through purposeful play, with a wide variety of learning opportunities such as reading and maths skills, imaginative play and ICT [computers].

Outdoor provision – Outdoor play can be directly accessed from each room and is used as an extension to the learning environment, enhancing development opportunities. Our carefully considered and imaginative outdoor provision incorporates all weather play areas, grassed areas to stimulate physical activity, a sensory garden to develop and inspire learning through play and a wildlife garden to foster a love of nature.

Holiday Club – Our Holiday Club runs during each school holiday providing convenient and educational childcare provision when you need it. With opportunities to go out on trips to places of interest, take part in themed weeks, craft workshops, sports activities and much more; children will enjoy their holidays, while parents can relax knowing their children are in safe hands.


At Willow House, we believe that to create a happy environment for children, you need happy and contented staff. All our staff are qualified, enthusiastic and friendly, to support and nurture children while they are in our care, giving them the opportunity to grow and develop to their full potential.


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Our award winning menu’s are all freshly prepared and ‘home made’ by our qualified cook, who ensures a minimum of additives and never adds extra salt. They include a variety of foods from around the world to broaden childrens experience of diverse cultures; all made from locally sourced produce wherever possible. Special dietary requirements can therefore be accommodated with ease and all meals are included in the fees, so no hidden costs for you. We are proud to provide good food and the empty plates show the children love it too.

Terms & Conditions

Opening Times

Willow House Nursery is open from 8am until 6pm, Monday to Friday all year round [excluding bank holidays]


We recommend a minimum attendance at the Nursery of 2 days per week. In our experience, children who attend for two days or more, settle quickly into the routine of Nursery life and form friendships with Key Workers and other children. However, you know your children best, so we will be
guided by you in all matters.

Settling in

Prior to your agreed start date, we will arrange convenient times for you to bring your child into Willow House Nursery so they can make friends with their Key Worker and other children.

On the first visit, we ask that you stay. On subsequent visits, we will ask that you leave your child in our care, gradually extending the time of the visits until both you and your child are reassured. We understand that leaving your child for the first time can be as difficult for you as it is for them, so we will continue the visits until you are completely satisfied that your child has settled into the routine of Nursery life.

Security Statement

Under no circumstances will a child be allowed to leave the Nursery with anyone unknown to Nursery staff, unless a parent has made previous arrangements and identification has been provided. Please see our Collection Policy.


A registration fee totalling 50% of average weekly fees is required to secure a place. This will be refunded once a final payment has been received in respect of the termination of a Nursery place.

There will be a slight increase in nursery fees from September 2011 by
approximately 2%.  Please download our 2012 Nursery Fees document here.

Government Grants

Children aged 3+ may benefit from the Nursery Education Grant. The amount of the grant will depend on the number of sessions attended each week. It applies to all children from the first full term after their third birthday.


Our sibling discount is 10% for your second and subsequent siblings in full time places.


Fees are paid a month in advance by direct debit, which is taken on the 1st working day of each month. The fees are worked out by the weekly fee multiplied by 52 weeks, divided by 12 months. If a place falls on a bank holiday, the fee for that day shall be refunded at the end of the financial year, or at the termination of a nursery place. Fees are typically reviewed every January and we aim to give one months notice of any changes.


Please contact Willow House Nursery and Holiday Club to discuss prices for places on: 07530 286235